Stitch Fix Took Away Flexible Scheduling For Employees. Hundreds Of Them Quit.

Employees are departing the clothing subscription company, while those who remain fear their jobs are gradually being replaced by an algorithm. “We know the ultimate goal of Stitch Fix was to get rid of us,” one employee said.View Entire...

“We’re Here To Storm The Brevard County School Board”: The Fight Over Trans Rights In A Florida Suburb

When locals protested a Florida school district’s plan to protect the rights of trans students, 16-year-old Andrew Triolo decided he could no longer stay silent about his experience — no matter the cost.View Entire Post ›

Some Delivery Workers Are Losing Income After Uber Acquired Postmates

As Uber acquires competitors and consolidates the food delivery market, drivers lose income and options.View Entire Post ›

Amazon Has Defeated The Union Drive In Alabama

Around 3,200 Amazon workers cast ballots in the pivotal election, which marked the closest that one of the company’s US warehouses has come to unionizing.View Entire Post ›

The US Labor Board Isn’t Strong Enough To Protect Workers From Amazon. Some Union Organizers Want To Go Around It.

In the lead-up to the biggest union vote in Amazon’s history, the company has already shown it can break the rules and get away with it.View Entire Post ›

Renters Were Already Screwed. Now They’re In A Panic.

As renters and landlords seek more government relief in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the larger crisis of housing affordability looms.View Entire Post ›
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Área técnica do TCU avalia que ações do governo são insuficientes para evitar racionamento

Ministro e depois plenário ainda avaliarão relatório de técnicos do tribunal. Parecer aponta falta de 'previsibilidade e...
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Disputas entre aliados nos estados expõem racha na base de Bolsonaro

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Com a chegada da primavera, arquitetas mostram como usar estampas florais no ambiente; confira dicas

Ambientes mais vivos viraram “febre” durante a pandemia. Com a aproximação da primavera, que começa na próxima quarta-feira, reacende o desejo pela mudança...