Tiktoker arrecada R$ 88 mil para morador de rua comprar casa

A pessoa certa no momento certo! De um lado está o Tiktoker Phillip Vu, de 24 anos, que largou o emprego para viajar pelos Estados Unidos. Do outro, Mike, de 46 anos, que passou a maior parte da vida...
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Here’s What The Women Who Allege Andrew Cuomo Sexually Harassed Them Told Investigators

The complaints detailed the “humiliating, uncomfortable, offensive, or inappropriate” impact Cuomo’s actions had on the 11 women who spoke to investigators.View Entire Post ›...

CNN Is Still Standing By Chris Cuomo, Despite His Role In His Brother’s Alleged Sexual Harassment Saga

“The fact that Chris Cuomo wasn’t fired over his inappropriate conflict of interest in actively affecting a news story is not only irresponsible of...