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A Trump Supporter Has Been Charged For Threatening The FBI Over The Mar-A-Lago Search

Adam Bies allegedly wrote on Gab that everyone who worked at the FBI, from its directors to its janitors, deserved to die after the search of Donald Trump's Florida estate.View Entire Post ›

Trans Men Talk About Why They Got Abortions

“If I got pregnant, I would not live through that experience.”View Entire Post ›

Welp, Trump Is Under Investigation For Espionage Act Violations And Obstruction Of Justice

Newly unsealed documents show FBI agents seized at least 11 classified documents from the former president’s Florida estate.View Entire Post ›

24 Very Serious Guesses About What Trump Was Hiding In His Safe

“They even broke into my safe!"View Entire Post ›

Attorney General Merrick Garland Defended The FBI’s Raid Of Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Estate

The attorney general also revealed that he personally approved the decision to ask a court for a search warrant in the politically charged case.View Entire Post ›

Trump, Who Said The Fifth Amendment Is For Guilty Mobsters, Invoked The Fifth Amendment

The former president invoked his Fifth Amendment rights and declined to answer questions on Wednesday in a civil investigation by the New York attorney general.View Entire Post ›

Republican Rep. Jackie Walorski Was Killed In A Car Crash Along With Two Staffers

The lawmaker from Indiana was first elected to Congress in 2012.View Entire Post ›

Millions Of People Tracked Nancy Pelosi’s Flight To Taiwan

The enormous influx of users overwhelmed Flightradar24, so much so that a waiting room had to be set up to prevent the site from crashing.View Entire Post ›

Bernardine Dohrn Was Called The Most Dangerous Woman In America. Now, Her Son Reconsiders Her Legacy.

In his podcast, Mother Country Radicals, Zayd Dohrn, the son of 1970s Weather Underground leader Bernardine Dohrn, revisits her story.View Entire Post ›

“You Will Go To Your Grave As A Traitor”: How One Jan. 6 Participant Cooperated With The FBI

The lengths to which right-wing influencer Brandon Straka cooperated with the FBI were only revealed in court documents that were apparently released to the media by accident.View Entire Post ›

TikTok Owner ByteDance Used A News App On Millions Of Phones To Push Pro-China Messages, Ex-Employees Say

Former employees claim the company placed pieces of pro-China content in its now-defunct US news app, TopBuzz, and censored negative stories about the Chinese government. ByteDance says it did no such thing.View Entire Post ›

Listen To The Speech A Republican Lawmaker Gave At His Gay Son’s Wedding Days After Voting Against Marriage Equality

“We’re just blessed, and we just want to say thank you to everyone here as part of the celebration,” said Rep. Glenn Thompson, three days after voting against codifying marriage equality in federal law.View Entire Post ›

A Jury Found Steve Bannon Guilty Of Contempt Of Congress

Bannon, a top adviser to former president Donald Trump, was found guilty on two counts of contempt of Congress on Friday.View Entire Post ›

President Joe Biden Has Tested Positive For COVID

The president has mild symptoms and has begun taking the antiviral drug Paxlovid.View Entire Post ›

LGBTQ Activists Are Quietly Preparing For A Nightmare: The Supreme Court Undoing Marriage Equality

“It's exhausting to even think about trying to do this again in the environment that we're in now,” one LGBTQ campaigner said.View Entire Post ›

The Jan. 6 Committee Alerted The DOJ To A Phone Call Trump Tried To Make To A Witness

“Let me say one more time: We will take any efforts to influence witness testimony very seriously,” Rep. Liz Cheney warned Trump and his supporters.View Entire Post ›

Abortion Bans May Be Unconstitutional In These Red States Where Courts Have Said Privacy Is A Right

“Every single has rights that protect the right to abortion if read correctly by the state courts. The question is whether courts will view them that way.”View Entire Post ›

Here Are Joe Biden’s 17 Picks For The Presidential Medal Of Freedom

The list of Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients this year also includes civil rights activists and the first American to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.View Entire Post ›

Ketanji Brown Jackson Was Sworn In As The First Black Woman Supreme Court Justice

Jackson has ascended to the court at a critical time, with both the institution and the country rife with division.View Entire Post ›

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas: Laws On Same-Sex Marriage And Relationships, As Well As Contraception, Should Be Next

President Joe Biden warned the Supreme Court decision on abortion had set the US on an “extreme and dangerous path” that could overturn marriage equality, among other rights.View Entire Post ›

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